A New Day

There are a lot of days in the average American life. If you live to be about the age of 80 you get about 29,200 of the sun rises and the sun sets. That seems like a lot. Over time we set some goals for some of those days. Day two thousand, go to a park. Day 16 thousand, get a new job. We look at the goals as a way to accomplish something before day 29,200 gets here. To be able to say to ourselves “It was all worth it”. Maybe you tell yourself that if you run a marathon, you will look better. Or is your goal to be a better person. Too many of us focus on just one goal. Lose weight. Eat right. Get stronger. Get smarter. But life is not that simple. We are complex beings. I have many goals. Get my business off the ground. Eat better. Finish Goruck Selection. Be a successful husband. Be an even better father. Have a meaningful career. All these things are parts of what I want to be. Each a separate goal. So I split them all up. Focus on one, then the next. Study hard for weeks for a certification. But then I don’t train for Selection. Train for Selection every day for a month. Then I don’t spend the time with my family. Work late every night for three weeks. Everything else suffers. How do you juggle all those goals? How to fit everything in. The first step is to realize that all those goals are part of the same goal. To make a better you. To support the ‘why’. To secure your ‘purpose’. Each of those goals are actually segments that are intertwined in the goal of not waiting till day 29,199 to say “This was a good life”. Every day is a good life. Each day the goal is to make the next day even better. Your purpose, your why, the family, the job, strength, endurance, intelligence, intuition, all woven together like an amazing orchestral piece that is your life. Don’t wait for day 28,800 to think that you could have been more. Don’t even breathe. Move with a purpose. Plan & Conquer. Now.

p.s. Thank you Team Awesome for reminding me.