Goruck Constellation

Goruck has changed over the years. It has had growing pains as well as growing ….. successes? Part of what drew me to Goruck was the community. The people that participated. Sure, some of us would argue during an event. Heated debates on how to move best from point A to point B. But by the end, everyone worked together to the best of their ability. Just like the company has grown, so has the fan base. We have gone through some ups and downs. Inside jokes and skeletons in the closets. Through this group of weirdos I have been lucky enough to be adopted by one such group. Team Awesome.

Team Awesome started from a small group of people that wanted to help motivate each other. We all met through some sort of Goruck channel. Communication was kept through text messaging. Daily posts of what workout was performed or upcoming event. Soon the group needed a better form of communication. Now we use Slack. Not the best answer, but we are working it out. Team Awesome is not large in size. Those pesky Ninjas out number us. What we lack in size, we make up in heart. Each one of the team is there for any other member. Sometimes it is just a resounding “Ya, your boss IS a jerk”. Other times its a “Get off your arse and work out”. The Team has helped me focus on my goals. Helped me understand my course in this crazy world. So much more than writing in my cheating diary. Never trust your diary.

Today’s Team Awesome is different than yesterday’s Team. It will continue to change and adapt. But every member of the team can agree on one thing, TJ has become our TL. Whether he wants it or not, McRib (a nickname I will make stick) has become our Cardinal North. The pure embodiment of doing the harder thing.

This post was supposed to be about the GORUCK Constellation. About how fun it was. About how much I learned. Once I started typing, every reflection was about Team Awesome. How fun they are. How frustrating they are. And how Awesome they are.